About Nurturing Arts

A Brief Introduction

Nurturing Arts provide harmonizing experiences which can balance the stress of our contemporary life with its crowded agendas, overly intellectual activities, and constant sensory stimuli. Doing art can be stimulating as well as relaxing, enhancing creativity and generally furthering well-being. However, one often doesnÂ’t know how to start or find the time, and a big piece of blank paper can look intimidating... At a Nurturing Arts workshop, you will be gently guided through a series of carefully designed exercises in watercolor painting, various drawing media, and clay modeling. A typical workshop meets for several days (not necessarily in a row) and focuses on a theme taken from nature, the seasons of the year, mythology, or the history of art, for example. A form of observation based on the scientific methodology of the poet and playwright Johann Wolfgang von Goethe is an essential part of Nurturing Arts. Sharing one’s experiences with other participants in an open and non-judgmental environment allows for new perspectives and discoveries concerning one’s own work.

The following pictures were taken at San Francisco State University, where a Nurturing Arts class is part of the "Introduction to Anthroposophical Medicine" course which is being offered twice a year under the guidance and direction of Professor Robert Gorter, MD, PhD. Click on each thumbnail to view a larger image.

The following pictures were taken at the most recent Nurturing Arts class at San Francisco State University, February 10/11 and February 17/18, 2007.

For information about upcoming Nurturing Arts classes in Abiquiu, please call 505.685.0048 or contact me

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